Both SAP project team and key users need comprehensive and process oriented SAP training in the early stages of a project. For this purpose, trainers4training has developed a special training concept that has been successfully implemented on the market for more than 10 years.

Are you looking for extensive knowledge of an SAP module in a short time? We offer you a relevant process-oriented guide and compact seminars:

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Management workshops

The objective here is to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the benefits

    of using SAP software?

  • What type of information

    does the system provide?

  • What are the options

    for possible business process optimization?

The advantages of an integrated SAP system will be pointed out, explanations covering interrelations between modules will be given and data transparency is made visible.

Training for project teams

Project team members frequently require proper enablement to shape the SAP system landscape and communicate with their consultants on the same level.

trainers4training introduces standard functionalities, combined with understanding of business context and internalizing of process knowledge.

User training

From a key date onward, the user is faced with the challenge of dealing with a new software environment in which to get his job done, efficiently and without error.

To enable users for their job we design, together with them, a company-specific and role-based training course while developing the necessary, individual seminar process for each user.

Practical training will be carried out on the client’s own test system to enable participants to move within a data world that is familiar to them. Training documentation in the form of screenshots will include sequential parts of the process.

Upon request, this may be carried out with the help of an authoring tool which ensures that any learning media are also suitable for self-study.

Preparation for training

Preparation for training as a certified SAP Consultant

In your team you have been working with SAP for some time and you know many functions very well. Now you wish to qualify as an SAP Certified Consultant?

We will be glad to compile an individual training program for you. Its duration and selection of the content depends on your previous knowledge.

Short multiple-choice self-tests on a weekly basis and a final exam will ensure your confident signing up for the SAP exam.

Personal coaching

You are an executive, module manager or consultant wishing to extend or advance your SAP system know-how? Perhaps you want to move into a new subject area?

In the context of a personal coaching, you may work with your trainer to develop a specific subject precisely to your personal questions. This is how you get the best out of time, because you learn in one day more than in a three-day standard seminar.

Consolidation and optimization workshops

After a period of practical work with SAP, each user and every company has consolidated established ways of operating and using the SAP system.

But how can you be sure you are using the system in the best way possible? In these consolidation and optimization workshops we will draw your attention to further options the system has for you, and how you may structure your daily work more efficiently.

You discuss with your trainer topics of the daily business and look at the solutions on a test system together.

(After) Go Live Support / Helpdesk

During and after go-live our experienced trainers guide and support your users with their first steps in a new system environment, ensuring they can conduct daily work properly. Issues can be tracked via helpdesk ticketing and processed systematically.

Train the Trainer

Your key users shall become trainers? Our trainers and tutors teach all required skills to conduct successful seminars with positive attitude for participants.

Among other topics we cover communication and conscious agents, supporting learning success and selection of methods, proofed standard sets, dealing with challenging situations and participants, appearance and participants’ reaction, self-guidance and group dynamics.

Knowledge Management

Learning media developed by using authoring tools allow to assign context sensitive help to the SAP menu. This often initiates the creation and maintenance of a proper knowledge management within organizations.