TOBA Team e.V. is a network of professional SAP environment trainers

The acronym TOBA stands for Training and Organization of Business Applications.
trainers4training is a member of Toba Team and actively supports Toba goals. To find out more:

TOBA – Tasks and goals

  • The major goal of the association is the development of one or several quality features, e.g. certificates for its members, placing the certificates at their disposal and ensuring their effectiveness.
  • It is the association’s task to check requirements for membership of both candidates and members on an ongoing basis.
  • The association will implement measures designed to maintain the qualification of its members.

Requirements placed on TOBA members

  • Many years of project experience
  • Number of training days > 500
  • Cross-sector skills
  • Internationality
  • Competence in training and consulting in at least 2 SAP® modules
  • TOBA Team members have verifiably, successfully and jointly, and in a variety of combinations, implemented major projects both at home and abroad.