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The following general terms and conditions apply for all contractual agreements between trainers4training Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement und Beratung mbH (“t4t”) and its customers and partners; they apply for all services (conception, preparation, documentation and realisation) relating to SAP training, process visualization and project management. Any deviation from the following terms and conditions must be regulated by individual or frame contracts..




Dates may be arranged by phone, but registrations/orders must be made in writing to t4t either by post, fax or email. You will receive a registration/order confirmation with information on precise dates & times, location and directions (if not “in-house”) as well as any other special instructions.



Cancellation of seminars/workshops

Any cancellations or postponements must be made in writing to t4t by post, fax or email. Cancellations received by t4t at least 14 days prior to the start of the event will be free of charge. Cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the start of the event will incur a cancellation fee of 40% of the total fee. Cancellations received 3 or less working days prior to the start of the event will incur a cancellation fee of 75% of the total fee. These fees also apply if clients wish to postpone the training/workshop to a later date. In the event that t4t need to cancel a seminar/workshop date for organizational reasons, claims for compensation in excess of the already paid fee cannot be asserted.




Fees consist of a participant-based rate and an additional lump sum for organisation, a system using fee and travel expenses. The participant-based rate covers seminar/workshop costs such as t4t conception licences, printing of documents and shipment of these documents to the event location.
We recommend agreement of all-inclusive day rates or a fixed cost for trainer expenses (travel, accommodation and subsistence).
In client specific trainings, the range of services and appropriate fees will be fixed in writing by an individual agreement.



Event rooms provided by the client

In case a room for an event is provided by the client the following applies: The provision of a suitably equipped room and the release of software applications required for the in-house courses shall be the client’s responsibility and any resulting costs shall be held to his account.



Licensed products

In so far as the client places licensed products at the disposal for a training / seminar / workshop, he will hold t4t harmless and he will accept full liability for any possible claims made by the property right owner in the event of a violation of applicable property rights and/or copyrights occurring during or as a result of its use / consumption.



Preparation time

If an in-house event deviates from our fixed concept, and/or if company-specific documentation is used, please note that special preparation time may be needed. This may also be the case if system settings, parameter adjustments or changes to data models and/or exercises are either necessary or requested by the client. Any such work required in the preparation of a seminar / training / workshop must be explicitly ordered and an agreement about additional costs has to be reached with t4t.



Travel expenses

We recommend agreement of either an all-inclusive day rate or a fixed cost for trainer travel expenses. In the absence of these, the travel expenses will be calculated as follows. A crucial factor in calculating travel expenses for training at a event location chosen by the client is the shortest travel route between this location and Herford. Car travel to and from the event location will be charged at a rate of € 0.65/km + VAT; this rate includes travelling times. For larger distances the most convenient means of transport (car/train/plane) will be selected. For plane travel, economy class will be used within Europe and business class will be used on intercontinental flights. Any travel made by public transport will be charged on the basis of the relevant travel receipts. Any deviating provisions may be defined in an individual contract between the client and t4t. 



Cost of hotel accommodation

We recommend agreement of either an all-inclusive day rate or a fixed cost to cover trainer accommodation costs. In the absence of these, accommodation expenses will be charged on the basis of the relevant accommodation receipts. Any customary additional charges such as those applied in urban agglomerations in times of trade fairs or major events will also be billed. 



Daily allowance

We recommend agreement of either an all-inclusive day rate or a fixed cost to cover trainer daily allowance costs. In the absence of these, daily allowance expenses will be charged as per the German travel expenses act. 



Registration fee

Rates are taken from the t4t-pricelist current at the time of registration. Any relevant VAT shall apply. No VAT will be billed in the case of ordering customers being registered outside Germany.. 


Any special rates differing from those in the valid t4t-pricelist must be agreed in writing and will only remain valid for the duration of the single or frame contract.




The invoicing of single seminar/workshop services occurs immediately after finalization of the event. Invoicing of services in the context of projects will occur at the end of each month and will be based on the relevant trainer time sheets. The lowest unit in which is 0.25 hour.




Payment of invoiced services is due within 30 days from the date of invoice and must be received in full within this time. 




The contracting parties are obligated to keep confidential any documents and/or information either labelled or classified as confidential both during the course of business and thereafter. 



Data privacy and security

The handling of transmitted data during the course of business and its privacy and security are regulated by our data protection policy. This may be viewed at:



Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Herford, Germany.



Invalidity of single terms and conditions

Should any single part of these Terms and Conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining parts thereof shall not be affected.




Status: February 2019


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